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Online Music Lessons

Let us guide you on your journey into music

Who is the Pineapple Music Academy?

We are a collective of modern music teachers.


Modern Music Teachers?

We teach our students how to:

  • Play in bands 

  • Write songs 

  • Record their music 

  • and of course... their instruments

View Profile


View Profile

How do I get started?

Teachers looking for new students will be displayed above in the teacher section above. View their profile to reveal contact information

No teachers currently showing?

Most teachers look for new students around the start of school terms.

Even if there are no teachers listed, drop us a line and we will do our best to help you get started. Contact Us

Is learning online worth it?

It has its pros and cons. It really depends on the student. We've found about 50% of our students prefer learning online over local lessons. 

Can I learn locally? (face to face)

If you live in Sydney, Australia. Yes! Some of our teachers provide local lessons, check their profile for more information.

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Sydney, Australia

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