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Antique Stores Near Me That Buy Antiques High Quality

There are half a dozen other large-scale and lesser-known online marketplaces to consider selling your antiques. A simple Google search will bring up some reputable sites, but remember that your exposure on websites like this might be less. Some less common marketplaces that allow you to sell antiques and collectibles include:

antique stores near me that buy antiques


Many local craft fairs allow vintage and antique sellers to get booths, depending on the show type and difficulty of gaining entry. The benefit of selling antiques at a craft fair is that there will be less competition as far as other antique dealers are concerned. Some small craft fairs at schools may even have a very affordable setup fee.

When I was in the antique business, I had several people a day come in to sell items. However, I could have saved these people a lot of legwork and gas money if they had called us in advance. At any given time, the items we were buying changed. Sometimes we bought only jewelry; sometimes we bought Victorian collectibles, and so on. Since our store was limited in space, we were limited on what we could and wanted to buy. Know what you have and then call around and see who has a potential interest in that item.

That said, remember that antique dealers work very hard to attain their knowledge base. In most cases, they know more than any internet article can tell you about items in their area of expertise. A dealer will get annoyed with you if you expect them to give you free information just so you can sell the item yourself for more money. If you have them value the item and give you details for free under the presumption that you will sell it to them, you should hold up your end of the deal too.

We believe we can get you the best price for precious belongings like Rococo furniture, Chippendale pieces, and Globe-Wernicke office decor. Contact Lion & Unicorn to evaluate pieces, transport sensitive art, figurines, and sculptures, and sell antiques today.

This is an issue that comes to mind for many sellers not familiar with antiques and have inherited a collection or estate. We love to have informed clients and be fully transparent when it comes to the value of their items. In this business word travels fast and being dishonest when evaluating items consequently has a negative impact for everyone. Ultimately, it is a matter of great importance that we pay you fair market value so as to keep our referrals coming.

Conveniently located off 199 on Lightfoot Road, the Williamsburg Antique Mall has become a destination for those wishing to purchase antiques and collectibles. With over 300 dealers occupying 45,000 square feet, the Mall is larger than most similar facilities and has more dealers. The Mall is equipped with state of the art systems for heating, air conditioning and lighting, and is easily handicapped accessible. Now Shop Online! Just click the link up top or below.The discriminating shopper can find buys on just about anything from vintage jewelry to exquisite antique furniture. With a great selection and service-oriented staff, the Williamsburg Antiques Mall makes the trip to Williamsburg extra special for the antique or collectible seeker. Call (757) 776-0094 or click below.

Antique & Estate Buyers Call us today to request a free appraisal and get paid top cash: (516) 974-6528. We serve the entire New York Tri-State area including Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. We buy antiques, jewelry, collectibles, watches, fine art, furniture, lamps, coins, and more!

Where are the antique shops near me? and where can I sell my antiques? Should i sell my antiques online or to a local antique dealer? This is probably the questions you have if you are just discovered something valuable in the attic and want to sell your antiques.

Users and buyers are there. Still, it feels weird for many to sell their antiques on Amazon as it is normally the place for traditional e-commerce. The category is there though and a lot of people sell their antiques, art, watches, and jewelry on Amazon.

Knowing where to sell antiques is important if you are ready to part with that vintage table, antique vase, or retro lamp. While it's easy to buy antiques, selling them can take a bit more time and effort. You can save time and energy by choosing the right place to sell for your situation. Don't despair, there are plenty of places to sell antiques to help you reclaim your space, fatten your savings account, and make another collector very happy.

There are antique shops in just about every community, and they can be a good choice if you want to sell with a hands-off approach. You can use a tool like Find Antique Malls to find antique dealers near you that buy antiques. While it seems logical that you should sell antiques and collectibles to people who make a living selling them, there are things to consider before you choose that. Antiques dealers are in business and are paying rent, utilities, salaries, and so on. You should not be charged a fee if you sell directly to a dealer or shop, but you may not get top dollar for your items. While the shop should pay you a fair price for your antique, that might mean less than 50% of the piece's value.

Flea markets are a great option if you want to reach a large audience and avoid paying commissions. You pay for a table or booth, which can run from about $10 and up, depending on the market. Then you set up your wares and sell your antiques. You can find local flea markets with a tool like Flea Market Insiders. On a good day, a popular flea market can attract thousands of people who buy antiques. These markets are best for low to mid-priced items you want to move while having a bit of fun.

Craigslist also offers the ability to sell antiques online, but you are selling to a local customer base. The listings are free, but you need to do all the work. That includes taking photos, marketing the items, and handling interactions with the customer. You don't get the added advantage of customers finding your wares by browsing; they need to search to find you. These are a few more things to consider:

If you have a lot to sell in a range of values, you might want to consider taking a booth at an antiques mall. However, this is something to consider only if you have time, energy, and you don't mind investing upfront. Antiques malls are a long-term investment for a seller and are best used if you have a lot of stock to move and are not in a rush to do so. Talk with the manager about sellers' requirements: Do you pay a monthly fee? A percentage of sales? Also, there may be time-related fees. Find out if you are required to help run the mall, and if so, how many hours a week you will need to put in.

Like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace lets you reach a local audience. You can list anything from a pair of headphones to a house, all from your own page or your business page. You can create a listing for free and use up to 10 photos to show the details of your item. However, to use the checkout portion of the system, you need to pay 30 cents per item and a fee of just under three percent. There are some reasons to consider selling antiques on Facebook Marketplace:

Many people don't want to do the footwork to sell their antiques and so will sell through auctions, consignment shops, or estate sales that utilize the experience of other experts in antiques and/or sales techniques.

Sometimes you end up with a house filled with antiques, collectibles, new stuff, and used housewares, and it seems overwhelming, especially if you have to clear it all out. This is when you may consider a tag or estate sale: the professionals come in, organize, price the items, advertise, and manage the one or two-day sale.

As one of the first places people think of buying and selling antiques online, eBay offers a huge customer base for your wares. When you list something on eBay, you are capitalizing on this gigantic pool of possible customers. However, selling on eBay requires a hands-on approach. You'll need to take photos of the items, write great descriptions, support customers directly, and handle shipping. Here are the basics:

For a small listing fee and about 5% of the sales price, Etsy gives you the ability to create your own store brand. This is a good idea if you want to encourage a loyal customer base and an overall look and feel to your store. You can specialize in selling antique textiles, for instance, and have a whole store devoted to that. You'll be responsible for handing customer relations, listing items, and shipping everything. Here are some of the other considerations to keep in mind:

Think of Ruby Lane like a virtual antique mall. Just as you'd have a stall or booth at an antique mall, you have a storefront on Ruby Lane. You pay a premium to be part of the service, but there are some advantages too. Set-up fees can top $100 with about $69 per month in regular maintenance fees on top of that. However, for that price, you get to list up to 80 items, and you don't have to pay a commission when something sells. This makes it a good option for higher value antiques, which could have substantial commission fees on eBay or Etsy.

If you want to sell a lot of smaller antiques, consider TIAS (The Internet Antique Store). This site, which has been around since 1995, does not charge per-item fees or a set-up charge for your shop. However, you pay about $35 to $40 per month, and there's a 10% commission. For high volume sales of smaller value antiques, this may be a good choice.

Go Antiques is another antique specialty site that lets you create a custom shop and sell your wares. You can choose from one of three plans, ranging from about $25 to about $75 per month. There are no commissions, and the main difference between the plans is how many items you can list. Because Go Antiques doesn't charge commissions, it's a great choice for big ticket antique items. However, it doesn't have the search power of Ruby Lane, so you will need to work hard to promote your business. 041b061a72


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