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Sex With Dad Stories ##BEST##

My name is Richa, I am 19 and doing first year of my graduation. Story of my life is very short, simple and spicy. I live with my dad, mom died longback. I have very few memories of her, she was a very beautiful women and I am also equally beautiful (people say so). I am the only child, so, my grandmother and my dad have brought me up. My grand mother was a very graceful lady who also left us some five years back since then its just dad and me living together. Last five years has entirely changed our relation.

sex with dad stories


When I look back in time, I see myself as a bubbly and a kind of naughty daughter of my sweet and perfect dad. And now on this day I am more of his wife than his daughter and he is more of a lover than my dad. Ya I am not kidding, I am living incest. Its not that I am complaining, I am happy with this present state and so is he. We have reached here with a mutual consent. He never forced himself on me rather I shall say I volunteered for it.

It all started when I was 18. I was in tenth standard. It was an important year academically. So I used to stay up late at nights to study. Which was no problem as I had a separate room. That was a very naughty age; my whole personality was undergoing drastic changes. My sexuality was also coming into existence; I started to feel the heat and need of sex. Girls at school used to tell their sex tales, which I now know were just fiction, of steaming sexual encounter with all sort of guys. Of course I even started to masturbate with all sorts of fantasies.

Sasha’s obsession with her Daddy leads to more,, My Daddy, My Obsession Everyone in this story is over the age of 18! The Jones family consists of the mother Joline, the father Jamie and their three daughters. The eldest, Kesha 22, the middle, Sasha, 21 and the youngest Hilary, 18. All three of the girls

Hey, this is my original story. I came from a very broad minded family. My dad is a porn film director and did nude photoshoots. My mom was one of nude models and porn star. As u can see I have seen my mom naked and dad’s female colleagues having sex with him and giving

Im 22 now and have a amazing story to share when i First slept with my own father, my dad was 48 at the time handsome as heck and single as well and i stayed with my mom and my dad decided to pick up me and my younger sister to stay with him for

Im alicia im 22 now and decided to share the story when me and my dad had sex and my mom was a full time worker and most of the time never home so when i was taking a shower during a rainy day and thunder and lightning and i come out with booty shorts

This is amit from delhi. Me dad and sister live in my house which is 2 bhk . It’s usual from my childhood relatives regularly come to my house. So still at 22. I work in mnc.I sleep with my di and dad . Dad is 40 and di is 24. My di has fair

"Dad, I've housework to do," or "Dad, Jim has asked me to help him with his homework," would be my frequent excuses to get away from him when he started to touch my breasts or buttocks. However, they became less and less effective. As months went by and my body developed more, Dad started getting bolder and more demanding, cupping my breasts now and again, caressing my buttocks and hugging me from behind. How I wished he would stop drinking, find a job and be a good father.

I did not want to make him angry. I remember walking hesitantly over to him, and sitting on his left thigh, facing away from him. Even then, I could feel his hairy thighs against mine, since both of us were wearing our short thin shorts. Taking me by my hips, he turned me around to face him, with my legs on each side of him. Smiling appreciatively, his hands still tight around my waist, he pulled and settled me right against his loins, so that our crotches ground together. Now, my legs were to each side of his legs, straddling him. Gasping, I tried to get off, but he held me firmly.

After a few minutes, he seemed exhausted and leaned back against the couch. I scrambled off his lap, ran up to my room. I realized my entire crotch area was all damp. Removing my shorts, I examined my panties. They were soaked wetly with my dad's cum too, so that they looked transparent showing my vaginal lips. I rushed to the bathroom to clean myself.

These incidences became more and more frequent. At least once a week, especially when I was wearing my thin shorts, Dad would get me to straddle him and rub his cock through our clothes against my clitoris, and his cockhead would wedge itself between my cunt lips and jerk and throb wildly. I used to get very excited with my cunt convulsing with pleasure although I would be constantly protesting at what Dad was doing, "Dad, you shouldn't do this! It's wrong!"

By the time I was in my junior year of high school, my body was fully developed, very shapely, with narrow waist and full shapely thighs. My breasts were big, measuring 38 inches and thrust forward brazenly. My body was RIPE! Ripe for fun! But I dare not take a boy friend because my Dad had warned me against getting a boyfriend.

I remember one day, coming home from school, I found a magazine on my bed. The magazine read, "Taboos". On the front cover was the picture of a teenage blond girl on all fours on a bed. Behind her, an older man with his arms clasped around her waist, had his huge penis buried in the girl's cunt. The banner across the cover read:

"Look at this lovely photo, Cathy," he said, placing the magazine in front of my raised face. To get this over with quickly, I looked down at the picture. It showed a very young girl being fucked by her 'father'. There was sheer delight on the girl's face and the banner read:

I gasped.I was shocked. This was the first time I had ever seen such an explicit photo of the sex act. Dad turned the magazine and showed me several more photos, all explicitly showing fathers fucking their young daughters. In spite of my reason telling me that they were obscene photos and shouldn't be looked at, I felt some excitement in my loins, at seeing such graphic displays of the sex act. What surprised me most was that all the girls appeared to be enjoying sex with their fathers. Collecting myself, I said, "Dad, I have to go and prepare dinner." I squirmed, feeling through the thin cloth of his shorts that his manhood was pressing against my buttocks.

I knew Dad wouldn't take no for an answer. Moreover, he had hugged me many times before, so one more time wouldn't matter. I straddled him. My school skirt rode up to my hips, uncovering and exposing my full shapely thighs and my thin soft lace panty covered loins. As Dad pulled my loin towards his crotch I realized with a shock that he had let his big cock out of his shorts through the opening of the fly.

"You know, if you feel lonely or need some fun to help you sleep better, come over to Daddy's room." Groaning, he ejaculated, with his cock-head throbbing wildly against my panty lace embedded in my vagina's entrance. His lust sated, he released his grip on me. Springing up, I ran up the stairs to my room. Damn him! And damn my body for getting so excited!

My father continued to molest me. His sexual overtures became more and more daring. He took to fondling me right in the presence of Jim, who though 13, had already developed into a hunk of a boy. Two or three times a week, when he was quite drunk and when I was wearing my school skirt, he'd corner me in the living room. He would pull me onto his lap to straddle him and start dry humping me, with his naked cock-head wedged between my vaginal lips, my panties alone preventing him from taking my virginity. It lasted longer and longer each time, first 5 minutes, then 10 minutes and sometimes even 20 minutes. I would be constantly protesting but at the same time I would be trying to hide the fact that I was getting wildly excited.

As his liberties with my body increased, I knew it was only a matter of time before he would need something more than dry humping to sate his lusts. I also knew that I was basically helpless - at least for now. So I went on the pill without Dad knowing about it.

I lay there wondering. I felt some relief because I was still a virgin! Dad had not taken my hymen. Then I began to worry. How long would I be able to continue fighting him off? Now that he had gone this far, he definitely wouldn't be satisfied with dry humping sessions with my panties on. Sooner or later, he would want to insert his naked cock in my naked vagina and fuck me, and the trouble is I might like it!

Dad took us to an expensive restaurant for dinner. Throughout dinner, I was aware of Dad's eyes on me... on my body, especially on the bare portions of my breasts that spilled out of the dress. Wisely, in a roomful of people, he didn't do anything more than look lustfully. It was a fantastic dinner, however. He had arranged for a birthday cake to be cut, for the restaurant band to sing, "Happy Birthday" to me, and fed me with delicious food. He even allowed Jim and I to drink wine with him.

As I was about to head toward my room to change and go to sleep, Dad called me to come downstairs. Dad wasn't the kind to take no for an answer. Remembering his lustful looks at the restaurant, and what he'd done at the beach, I descended the stairs with apprehension.

"Come Cathy, drink with Daddy. It's not everyday that a father gets to celebrate his daughter's seventeenth birthday." His eyes never stopped roving all over my thighs, hips and breasts, even as he held a glass toward me. Why not, I thought, since he had given Bob and me an expensive dinner. I sat next to him and drank some wine with him.

"Yes Cathy, that was before... but not now, after what we have already done on the beach today... from now onwards Dad will hump you naked, you without your panties, and Dad without his shorts. It will be very nice for you and for me."

"Cathy, please loosen and remove Dad's towel... get your Dad naked," he said with his hands cupping my bare full buttocks and fondling them lovingly. Shyly, I loosened his towel, removed it and threw it on the floor. Dad's massive cock was erect, facing my naked crotch.


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