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Porque Te Vas Remix ((FULL))

A love song, "Porque te vas" deals with "the pain of parting."[25] Its lyrics "speak of a loss, of an abandonment",[26] and have been described as conveying a "sense of longing".[23] Jeanette begins singing: "Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol y el corazón se pone triste contemplando la ciudad, porque te vas" ("Today the sun shines in my window and the heart gets sad contemplating the city, because you're leaving").[27][28] The refrain features the lyrics: "Todas las promesas de mi amor se irán contigo/Me olvidarás/Me olvidarás/Junto a la estación yo lloraré igual que un niño/Porque te vas" ("All of my love's promises will go with you/You will forget me/You will forget me/Beside the station I will cry like a child/Because you are leaving").[16] She is often but mistakenly thought to be singing "Por qué te vas?" or "Porqué te vas" ("Why are you leaving?").[29][30] Regarding the confusion, La Voz de Galicia stated in 2016: "that causal conjunction does not contain a question, but an assumption. Come on, she, the abandoned, has assumed it, so the small stripe of the diacritic would be a step back in history. And no! With all the work that comes from heartbreak."[29]

Porque Te Vas Remix




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