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Does Obama Have A Facebook Account

Obama has used Twitter to promote legislation and support for his policies.[11] [12][13] Obama is also the subject of various debates on Twitter.[14][15] He had also used his account to respond to the public regarding the economy and employment.[16][17] Based on its rate of adoption, Twitter will have a complementary role to other communication efforts that is more significant in Obama's 2012 presidential campaign than in prior elections.[18]

does obama have a facebook account

@BarackObama was launched on March 5, 2007 at 16:08:25.[26] It is his official account, although he also tweeted through @WhiteHouse which is usually used by the presidential administration, while @BarackObama was for his election campaign staff.[27] @WhiteHouse predates the Presidency of Barack Obama, since it was created on April 21, 2007.[28] Following the 2008 United States presidential election, the Democratic National Committee was believed to have taken over the account and in a speech in November 2009, Obama stated "I have never used Twitter", although he had over 2.6 million followers.[29][30] The @BarackObama account is "run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo."[31][32] Although his staff does most of his tweeting, Obama became active on the account in June 2011, tweeting under his own initials, beginning with the father's day message "Being a father is sometimes my hardest but always my most rewarding job..."[22][27]

The official website of Barack Obama is It is run by Chris Hughes, one of the three co-founders of Facebook, and has been described as a "sort of social network".[2] Steve Spinner, a member of Obama's National Finance Committee, says that while previous campaigns have used the internet none had yet taken full advantage of social networking features.[2] The website included online tools that allowed members to identify neighbors that the Obama campaign thought might be potential backers and then report back on any resulting conversations.[52] By taking full advantage of social networking features it meant that Obama would have saved over a hundred million dollars of TV ad buying by using social media to spread his message. This also meant that Barack Obama did have not rely on big tickets donations and instead could rely on micro-donations of hundreds of thousands of supporters.[53]

The Barack Obama Facebook (@barackobama) is currently the official Facebook for the former president and was his Facebook during the campaign trail. Looking back onto the election, Obama was able to mobilize the public through social media, especially Facebook. In fact, by the peak of the Obama campaign, his Facebook has around 3 million friends.[58] Marc Anderson, board member of Facebook and founder of Netscape, said "Other politicians I have met with are always impressed by the Web and surprised by what it could do, but their interest sort of ended in how much money you could raise. He was the first politician I dealt with who understood that the technology was a given and that it could be used in new ways."[59] The use of effective social media campaigns, especially on Facebook, were developed and used under the Obama campaign. The transformation of social media sites into capital gain can show how he was so effective in mobilizing voters and volunteers. "By converting everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors and advocates through social networks, email advocacy, text messaging and online video. The campaign's proclivity to online advocacy is a major reason for his victory."[1] Through Facebook, Obama was able to create a sense of ethos between the voters and his personal campaign. This created a sense of trust, support and effective campaigning that made his campaign so successful.

Similarly, social media also possesses very different characteristics from the media that have come before it. Regulation of political ads on social media, whether by the platforms themselves or government actors, needs to take into account that allowing candidates to microtarget ads while at the same time refraining from factchecking their statements creates an environment where false information can spread unchecked.

While Melania Trump has advocated for reducing online bullying in an effort called "Be Best," Jellison said she "doesn't have the extensive public agenda that Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, or some other first ladies had."

To protect users' privacy, none of the companies involved have all the information they would need to know what shows a specific voter watched on TV, Rentrak's Chris Wilson told ProPublica. For instance, Rentrak knows viewers' ID numbers and viewing habits, but doesn't know which ID numbers correspond with which name or address. In fact, Rentrak never knows the name or address of the household, Wilson said.

Social media companies appear to have three options for censorship once Trump returns to civilian life. First, they could maintain a libertarian stance: granting his accounts continued public interest exceptions and allowing him to say whatever he wants. Even though he would no longer be in office, he is a political leader whose words impact the public, and millions will still want to know what he has to say. This approach is similar to the one that Facebook appears to be adopting. Still, these decisions could facilitate the continued spread of hate speech and false information, perhaps even at a greater rate once Trump is free from the constraints of public office.


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