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Sims 4 Penis Mod 2021

CONTENT WARNING: I play with a variety of mods and poses and I post adult content, but any NSFW images will be posted under a NSFW or NSFT tag so if you want to avoid that, you wanna blacklist "nsfw". Mostly I just blog my day to day sims though.

sims 4 penis mod

This mod contains a large variety of penises for your Sims. It includes 5 sizes, different hard and soft styles, and 84 skin swatches for the penis on tattoos. Available for males and females. Compatible with the WickedWhims sex mod. Credits: .Noir.

Last update. This one includes some important changes like fixes in the uncut hard version for the average size (males and females), support for the penis swatches to use the new color sliders, condoms wrappers with support for WickedWhims (which now allows using the condoms during sex and avoid unwanted pregnancies) and new shortened names inside the body selector.

Be aware that older versions of the condoms for this mod will be obsolete from now on, so they need to be deleted if you still have one of them. Also, as an important note: As you already know, the penis swatches are now in makeup (blush), they need to be under the makeup category to enable the color sliders, if you decide to change it by convenience, avoid other categories that are not in makeup.

So as you can see this does remove quite few options from the original (well not really remove as those are still in the file but now hidden, still, you get what I mean right?) You get much nicer and more detailed penis for that price but lose a lot of customization options.


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