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Major & Minor Chord Shapes
Bass players usually don't play chords, but understanding where they are and how they work is a important foundation for creating incredible bass lines.


Major 3rd

Play with fingers 

1 & 2  or  1 & 3


Minor 3rd

Play with fingers 

1 & 3

Maj with octave.jpg

Major 3rd (with Octave)

Play with fingers 

1  2 & 4

Finger Slides

finger slide.jpg

A normal note played with an arched finger

finger slide2.jpg

Flatten finger to play note below

finger slide3.jpg

Slide up and bar for note on third string

Bicycle Race Section B
This part may seem simple, but it's all about timing and tone. Try to dig into the notes more in this section, making them short and sharp. Slapping is also a great technique for sections like this.

BR - part B.jpg

Bicycle Race Section C
Now we are back into familiar territory, in this example, we will play the first riff (4th bar) on our next strings up (6th fret - D string) & then move it back to where we've been playing it when we start repeating the riff again.

1. Rhythm/Tempo

BR - part C.jpg
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